Multiprayer makes religious material easy to understand in your language!

It all started when we couldn’t find good English-language translations of any but the simplest Jain prayers.  We decided to create our own. You will find clean Hindi script with transliterations (the Hindi sounds) and line-by-line English translations. Our translations are not literal or word-for-word, but convey the meaning of each line in easy to understand prose.  We found that in working together to translate this material we gained a deeper understanding of our culture and our faith. We hope you gain the same by reading it!

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I. summary of our overall goals
– learn
– create
– share
– purpose of the site
– which religions/beliefs?

II. mention and quick description of the different kind of users
– translators
– contributors
– students
– creators
– community leaders

III. why a person should register
– what a user can do
– our community
– what a user can learn, create and share

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